Thursday, September 29, 2016

Basic MPLS LDP Profile for Wireshark

Hi Everyone!  

If you support MPLS operations in your network, then you need to have an MPLS profile.  In this case, we have an LDP profile for you to use.  This is great for fundamental MPLS operations involving LDP.

As with any Profile for Wireshark, to add this profile, within Wireshark, click on Help> About Wireshark> then double click the personal configuration hyperlink.  Open the profiles folder in your file manager/finder, and unzip the file provided here into that profiles folder.
Now when you right click on Wireshark's profile area, you will see the MPLS profile show up!
Got a better one?  Or have a profile you would like to send to us?  Send it to - thanks in advance - we will share profiles here.
To find other profiles, click on "Profile" in the tag cloud.